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one way

Immagine 3

Which way? The positive way. Se hai una bambina e/o un animale, non c'è scelta, di mattina ti alzi, like it or not. La passeggiata per accompagnare La ragazza al bus è il momento perfetto anche per W, che ama scoprire il quartiere. Io approfitto, come sempre, per fotografare le meraviglie che incontro sulla nostra strada. Mi permetto di mostrarvi cosa ho catturato oggi. Sentite i profumi? MondayKiss. fil-good in trasmissione@BrunelloCucinelli, shoes@Zanotti. per la passeggiata, giacca@pinko, scarpe@StanSmithAdidas    ...

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ermanno scervino

...and in the end we found (according to me perfect for the occasion) a dress for the show tonight, not even time for some decent photos and swoooosh of on air! So now, I'm finally officially on Christmas V A C A T I O N!!! (no, not from the blog, but the blog is not work, it's passion!)  I'll raise my glass to that! cheers, love.fili dress@ermanno scervino, shoes@zanotti, bracelet@de liguoro...

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special guests

Filippa Lagerback

Pretty nervous yesterday, not only for the magnificent guests on the show, but also for MY special guests in the audience, You my friends! Some of you I already got to know during the Vogue fashion's night out in Rome and Milan and some of you I got to know yesterday, now having a face to combine to the name that appears in the comments here on the blog! Thank you for your attention and big, kind smiles! We continued the evening in a bar and then we grabbed a pizza in a restaurant close to the studio, I had a great time, but I leave it up to you to tell the details! In the future we can organize...

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