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For the  Sette Green Awards last night at the Triennale of Milano, I was very much in theme. My dress by Yoj Laura Strambi couldn't have been any more green! It's handmade in Italy with eco friendly fabrics, using a dyeing process respecting the environment.The print, made by the artist Franco Gervasio, is truly interesting and very beautiful! You have to step away to see the big picture! Ohyes, we like it! dress@Yoj Laura Strambi, gioielli@vlm milano, shoes@Greymer 3 photo by @Marco Curatolo...

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heart and mind


In my heart the children, the population that I had the honor to meet and in my head thousands of ideas buzzing on how to collect funds for them. In my legs, a lot of energy to pedal and in my suitcase, their beautiful, contagious SMILE! At my wrist pearls from Uganda, mirror effect from Sweden and studs from Italy....

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