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One day in my life

Filippa, Paola, Justine

Oh, yesterday was a busy day!!! After making it home from Bologna I got my girlie at school, a snack and some homework before preparing for the evening. The Christmas party at Stella McCartney was really lovely, beautiful music by the choir, a nice xmas tree (the guests robbed all the decorations, scandalous!! ;) ) and then I even sang a Swedish xmas song on stage, yeah, promise not to ever do that again, judging from the faces of Paola and Justine, ahhah, but it's ok, it's on me babes!!! ;) A quick cheers and swoosh off to the tv studios for the live show Io canto. Had a great time and when I got home at one o'clock, with...

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save the date

Milan_christmaslights2 2

Hello Christmas lovers! I have the great pleasure to invite all of you passing by Milan on the 1st of Dicember: Save the Date! Special Guests to light us up: Filippa Lagerback & Justine Mattera. Special Christmas  DJ Set: Paola Maugeri. Il Coro degli Alpini Here are my pics from last year; a happy crowd, roasted chestnuts, music, caramelized apples, lights and...

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