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That’s Italia!

Pino Strabioli &Filippa Lagerback

Today 4.30 La7D, another episode of That's Italia. The question of today is "Brain or muscles?" Well, this question my dears, I don't think I even have to ask you, I assume I already know the answer, or am I wrong? I have to add though, that my mum always used to tell me, "It's better to find an intelligent, nice and ugly man than a stupid, mean and good-looking one"! Well, I answered, "I think there are some intelligent, nice AND good-looking ones out there.!" Now, I know there are...

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Gianvito Rossi

They're back. I've been feeling their presence since quite a while, but now they've finally made their way back into my closet as well. Who, what? The pointy toe shoes. I'd become allergic after wearing those really long pointy witch shoes years ago. But here we go again. What do you say, hit or miss? @Gianvito Rossi ...

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