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I remember


I remember it like if it was yesterday. When I was a teenager, feeling like a grownup :) I really wanted one of those serious business agenda's where I could write down all my (very important) appointments, phone numbers, keep receipts and business cards (yeah right) in. With my mind set up I went to the best department store in  town to choose one. Elegant in the best leather, made in...

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A man suddenly gets into some money, a lof of money, and realizes he has more than he'll ever need, so he starts to think about how to spend some of it. He's childhood dream would be a space flight and he goes ahead booking one with Virgin Galactic Space flights for the cheap price of $400,000. Hearing his friends talk about their dreams, finding them way more creative and generous than his own selfish one, he cancels the flight. We are lucky is born. The man decides to give away £1000 each day to complete strangers, chosen for their kindness. No strings attached. He only asks that they'll do something good, something positive, with the money, telling their story...

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