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We're kicking back. Surrounded by the green of the forest, the blue of the sky, the yellow of the flowers and the red of the heart. The blue truck? "Hemglassbilen" (ask any Swede!) that sells icecream in the neighbourhoods, arriving with a tune that stayed the same since the '80's (important stuff to know!). The midsummer celebration turned out great, a nice revival of last year. The lake? Yep, done it. Not even that cold! The strawberris? Sweet. My nephew? Even more so.  As you can tell, it's chill with fill...

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I'm telling you, the best shopping is done in the wardrobe (your own, your boyfriend's, your mum's/grandmam's/a friend's..) Great treasures that have been loved are just sitting there, abandoned and screaming for some attention! I just found this great bag in my mum's closet (it was my grannies actually) So, start the shopping, folks! :) top@Calla- Comptoir des Cotonniers ...

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