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la befana

Dear Witch, Befana, as they call you in Italy. You made such great noise flying in this night, the wind was blowing like crazy, even woke me up (maybe I should thank you for that, the family is pretty jet lagged, waking up at 11.30am!!!). Then I saw you, very fashion indeed with your colorful hoop earrings and velvet cape, good job honey! And, of course, thank you for your (too) kind gifts that you brought us, not only for the girl (a puzzle and some candy, oh that I don't even fancy, where are the jelly beans?). For me a luxurious cream (a hint maybe?) and a wonderful gold thread sweater (didn't I see it in NYC?). Today we'll...

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Filippa Lagerback

Home sweet home. Charging the batteries of my phone, computer, camera and brain. Back soon. Thanx for the company during this trip! fili. I really didn't do much shopping at all, even Mr.D was amazed. I preferred checking things out, getting inspired by shops, the people and the place. Got a heavy emotional luggage instead. cheers.f...

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another day


"This bench is reserved for Ellen. Together forever" next to the one reserved for Dick.   So romantic. An amazing experience having lunch at the 36th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Columbus Circle, def worth a visit, for a drink, tea or a lunch with a breathtaking view! Walking, walking, walking mixed with cupcakes, coffees, indian food and mexican beer,topped off with some candy shopping. Wouldn't mind staying for another couple of weeks, months...

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she’s back


Heard that the blonde girl that took my place on Christmas eve in the show on Rai3 is back in action. She was last seen occupying my place AGAIN, even wearing a Gucci number from my wardrobe. Scandalous, it's time I start packing to go back and defend my territory. Humph! Keep your eyes open for me, willya!? ;) ...

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