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Nature is calling

bild copia 2

My love for nature has accompanied me at work many times during the numerous  fashion shoots as a model. What better way to spend a day in the office, having a lake, a beach or a tree as a desk? Ok, the temperature maybe wasn't the best all the time, shooting summer clothes barefoot on freezing beaches in the winter or  literary cooking in heavy jackets and coats under the hot Arizona sun...

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bild copia

  You snooze, you loose. Keepin' on moving, looking for new inputs, styles and points of views. I'll tell you more about it in a couple of days. After today's earthquake in Milan, if I'll continue to sway and feel the earth move, at least I know why. Luckily I'm not scared of heights. Love, fili....

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fashion feeding frenzy


Thanks to my sweet friend Alice, I had a wonderful lunch yesterday in true Stella McCartney veggystyle. I got to check out (and try on) the new F/W collection in an exclusive preview. It's really early to think about the new fall season I know, but we can still dream a little, right? The sun is coming out from the thick Milano fog as I'm writing, telling me it's not that early(!) so I  better get a move on. later.f. ...

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you’ve got a friend

james taylor

I was very excited to meet James Taylor yesterday in the Tv studio. When I like an artist I tend to get obsessed with the music, for months I kept his songs on a loop at home. I've seen him live in Perugia, met him at Che tempo che fa twice, attending the soundcheck and approaching him to snap a pic. I also think that it must be the perfect soundtrack for Planet fil: You've got a friend. Let's start this week this way. I'll be back soon with other news because I've been researching for you...

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