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One day in my life

Filippa, Paola, Justine

Oh, yesterday was a busy day!!! After making it home from Bologna I got my girlie at school, a snack and some homework before preparing for the evening. The Christmas party at Stella McCartney was really lovely, beautiful music by the choir, a nice xmas tree (the guests robbed all the decorations, scandalous!! ;) ) and then I even sang a Swedish xmas song on stage, yeah, promise not to ever do that again, judging from the faces of Paola and Justine, ahhah, but it's ok, it's on me babes!!! ;) A quick cheers and swoosh off to the tv studios for the live show Io canto. Had a great time and when I got home at one o'clock, with...

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Filippa Lagerback

Just got back from the Motorshow in Bologna where I have assisted the General Manager of M-B Italy, Roland Schell in presenting the near future!  I never would have thought to attend the big automobile fair, but I so enthusiastic about what was presented today. The new A-class electric drive, the B-class hybrid drive, the Vito e-cell, an electric delivery van and of course my beloved Smart electric drive for two! The GM of Smart Italy gave two new happy clients the keys to their new cars (about 140 in total on the Italian streets so far) and I'm soooo jelous, need to get in line, waiting for the GREEN light!!! :) E-bike and Smart electric drive. Roland Schell and I in...

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