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How to make that walk more interesting? Wear your hi-ear's, acoustic ear warmers that you plug into your i-pod! Well, in Sweden I prefer listening to Nature, but Stella wears them listening to her hit list and walks and walks without complaining!! Dinner yesterday surely wasn't for vegetarians, so hold on tight...

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God Jul

come in!

In Sweden we celebrate the 24th. Said and done. You now find me sitting on the couch, pretty stuffed and happy. Spent an amazing day in the company of the family, enjoying all sorts of foods, wine, songs, church, candles, dark skies and green lawns(!), presents, singing, fireplace and more food and glögg of course. Last out, a Swedish special dessert for Christmas, Ris à la Malta, sweet porridge with whipped cream and fruit, the one who gets the almond is supposed to get married within a year...

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