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Day 1 Planet Fil!!!

  Happy Birthday PlanetFil! One year ago I clicked enter on the computer to start this new adventure. Since then a lot of people have come by to visit, giving me loads of positive  energy and inspiration to carry on, Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I'll be singing and celebrating while thinking of new things for this little cyberplace that we have created...

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Filippa Lagerback

After a virtual tour to the Trentino mountains from the Rai studios and after having snapped the shots of my new coat and bag for you to see, I got in my car to go home. I was thinking that I wanted to call my friend to see what she was up to, but before getting my phone up, I checked the rearview mirror and in the car behind me, there she was!!! We're talking Milano here, not some little village in the countryside! Fantastic, love when that happens. So we took a trip, gastronomical speaking, to Japan, having the best of times! bag@Tod's, coat@E-gò, shoes@Paul Smith ...

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