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Yesterday I got to try this new hair color technique, Flamboyage by Davines, developed by Angelo Seminara and Edoardo Paludo(that assisted me yesterday!). The new technique consists in using see-through adhesive strips which the hair sticks onto in a casual and spontaneous way, making the end result so much more natural. (have to say yes on that one) Didn't get my explanation? Take a look here! The Davines product line was also a surprise in form, material, labels and shapes, very NY pharmacy if you get my point, essential and inspiring, to have on display in your bathroom. The glass jars and bottles are to be reused of course, very filgood. Ciao! la bionda! dress@Tibi NY ...

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Filippa Lagerback

She's Italian, he's Mexican and together they are: Salar. Met them today in a showroom here in Milan where they showed me the beautiful collection for next year. Didn't know them before but wow, what a pleasant surprise; great stuff!!! What do you think all bag addicted out there? love, fili ...

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in the mail


Ok, so it's a bit early, but caught up in the enthusiasm of my dear friend Alice and thanks to Carola, who has the kindest smiliest eyes I know, and that sent this gorgeous gift over, I find myself bringing some xmas flavor to the blog. If I think about the cold outside, candles and warmth inside, the vin brulè, the gingerbread cookies, colored scarfs and snuggly Uggs, white linen table cloths and red decorations, it's all great, actually I cannot wait. But if I start thinking about another year that has passed in a blink of  an eye, and that I have  to bring out the Christmas tree (and putting it away later..!) I feel dizzy!  Isn't it enough with...

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