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having fun while doing it!

  I need to enjoy the sport I'm doing in order to do it frequently enough to have any effect. Too many newyear resolutions and gym applications filled in without any real efforts, cause lets face it, it's too damn boring! Tennis is my drug, but since a couple of months I suffer the infamous tennis elbow, and while letting it rest, I needed to find something else that inspires me. I walk my daughter to school every morning, but it's not enough, I bike whenever I can, but it's not enough.. When my friend Monica proposed to go rollerblading I was all in on it. After an hour of fast rolling with our legs burning and lots of laughing, I...

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Planet fil loves Missoni

Here we go, a photo explosion of colors and textures from the Missoni pressday. I completely love the F/W collection, long flowing skirts, dresses and coats. A chiffon dress combined with a chunky sweater, throw on a woolly hat and your perfect for a night out. Feathers, velvet, wool, colored bikerboots and a funky sunnies. Missoni brings joy, beauty and femininity, I love it! ...

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